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Joel Geffen Photography

I help those interested in photography to become better at their craft as well as exploring why we are drawn to create what we do.

I do this in a welcoming, non-judgemental, and fun environment with a focus on positive energy and personal growth.

Joel Geffen Photography

What I Do

What drives you to photograph what you do? What are the main elements that create images that you fall in love with? How do you take your photography to the next level? How do you start off on the right foot if you are just getting into photography?

My courses teach, inspire, challenge, and help you grow as you improve in your skills and insight into why your images are important.

Upcoming Classes

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I will be launching classes online with Covid preventing some of my popular on-site workshops.

photography fundamentals

Photography Fundamentals

geffen courses

Photographic Art and Technique

photography courses

Photographic Pathways

Upcoming Classes for Fall 2020 are:

Welcome to Photography I: An Introduction to Camera Operations

Welcome to Photography II: An Introduction to Composition

Photographing a World of Color: Impact by Design

Discover Your Artistic Vision: Why You Photograph What You Do